The Nuclear Stock Association (NSA) provides a service to the fruit industry through the supply of certified healthy planting stock of commercially grown fruit varieties to the propagation industry.

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PHPS Application Forms


The NSA now provides an administrative service for PHPS, enabling propagators to enter stocks in to PHPS through the NSA. All stocks entered for PHPS through the NSA remain independently inspected by FERA plant health specialists, only is they meet the strict requirements for each health grade are they granted a certificate authenticated by PHSI. The register of PHPS certified Fragaria, Rubus and Ribes stocks is published each Autumn by the NSA, find out more. FERA remains in control of the rules of PHPS, with emerging pest and disease threats incorporated in to the scheme as required.


To enter stocks into PHPS through the NSA, please use the following application forms or request an on-line form


Application for PHPS entry stocks

Strawberry / Raspberry / Currants - Fragaria / Rubus / Ribes

Top Fruit - Top Fruit

Hop - Hop


One application form should be completed for each field / tunnel / glasshouse.

All applications must be accompanied by a field plan.

Propagators entering the majority of their stocks into PHPS are also permitted to enter their Plant Passport (CAC) grade stocks through the NSA.

PHPS charges will be invoiced by the NSA at the end of the season according to the time taken to travel to the site, inspect the stocks entered including any sampling requirements, and administer the application. Charges for soil and/or plant samples taken will be included on the invoice.


Application for Soil Sampling for Virus Vector Nematodes

In order to comply with the requirements of PHPS, soil sampling for virus vector nematodes is required prior to the planting and entry of material for certification in the following categories and grades:

Fragaria (Strawberries) – Foundation and Super Elite

Rubus – Super Elite and Elite

Ribes – Super Elite and elite

Cherry and Plum Mother Trees - Super Elite, Elite and Elite (N)

Cherry and Plum Rootstocks – Foundation, Super Elite and Elite

Hops – Elite PLB’s

Please refer to Fera explanatory leaflet PHPS 1 before completing the soil sampling application form.

To apply for soil sampling through the NSA, please complete a Soil Sampling Application form and return it to the NSA with an accompanying field plan or request an on-line form from the NSA at


Application FormSoil Sampling for virus vector nematodes






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