The Nuclear Stock Association (NSA) provides a service to the fruit industry through the supply of certified healthy planting stock of commercially grown fruit varieties to the propagation industry.

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The Nuclear Stock Association (NSA) provide the following services...


Quarantine House

  The Nuclear Stock Association (NSA) accept varieties from industry for testing of virus, disease and pests. For strawberries candidate plants of new varieties are accepted in to the NSA quarantine house where they are tested to meet the requirements for nuclear stock (NS) material, as specified by the PHPS 5 regulations.
Quarantine House  
The Nuclear Stock Association (NSA) accept candidate plants of new varieties for pathogen testing in April each year.   Candidate Plant
  Candidate Plant
Plant Production   Both grafting and molecular PCR testing methods are used to detect whether viruses are present in the candidate plants.
Plant Production  
If any abnormal symptoms are detected the stock is failed.   Virus Symptoms
  Virus Symptoms
Mother Plant Production  

Once a variety has successfully completed all tests and being found to be clean, the variety enters the stock house, where the highest health NS plants are maintained in isolation in insect proof tunnels. The NSA currently maintain 40 strawberry varieties at NS level.

Variety maintenance at NS level requires annual pathogen testing of the NS stock plants.

The NSA produce mother plants each year from NS stock plants, these are multiplied at foundation level to produce super elite stock.

Mother Plant Production  
The NSA supply high health NS runner tip material as well as mother plants to customers for entry in to tissue culture. Tips are produced to order each year from NS mother stock.   Tip Production
  Tip Production
Trueness-to-type Trials  

All varieties are DNA finger-printed on entry in to the NSA. Annual DNA testing is undertaken and a trueness-to-type trial of all variety releases is also planted annually to asses morphological characteristics.

The trueness-to-type of varieties on trial is assessed by FERA plant health inspectors.

Trueness-to-type Trials  
Super elite stocks are produced in field propagation. All stocks are inspected through the growing season by FERA plant health inspectors to the rigorous standards set by PHPS.   Strawberry Field Propagation.
  Strawberry Field Propagation.
Raspberry Field Propagation   The NSA supply super elite stocks to propagators who use these stocks as the basis of certified stock production of elite and A grade plants for supply to fruit growers.
Raspberry Field Propagation  


Propagators can purchase super elite grade plants from the NSA. Please consult the PHPS register for currently available varieties. For plant prices and availability please contact the NSA.



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